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About MySET

The competitive world that we live in today demands more innovative ways for developing our human capital, acquiring & sharing of knowledge and technology and harnessing these for industry, business and commerce.

MySET aims to provide a powerful platform for its members to network and enhance their professionalism and ethical conduct, while nurturing them into leading professionals and captains of the industry. Acknowledging that the world today is largely interdisciplinary, MySET welcomes the participation and interaction of engineers, technologists, architects, quantity surveyors and other engineering & technology professionals. Believing in the importance of the engineering work team consisting of personnel at the degree, diploma as well as certificate levels, MySET welcomes a technician who are important members of the engineering team and who needs to be professionals in their own right.

MySET shall indulge in research and technological innovation to produce new materials, systems, structures & processes to support the country’s development efforts.

MySET shall promote accreditation of qualifications, development of professional systems and international mobility of engineering and technology professionals, while organizing education, training & CPD programmes for its members.

MySET Constitution


To Promote National & Global Networking

  • To maintain MySET website & portal
  • To encourage regular communications
  • To create discussion groups
  • To establish strong links with international bodies
To Advance & Share Knowledge & Expertise
    • To develop & share database of knowledge & expertise
    • To publish a regular bulletin
    • To organize prestigious conferences, workshops & specialist training courses
  • To facilitate exchange of scholars & experts
To Develop Leading Edge Technology & Industries
    • To identify and promote leading edge technologies & industries
    • To encourage university-industrial linkages
    • To promote business forums
  • To create study grants & awards
To Enhance HR Training & Development
    • To organise regular CPD training courses
    • To promote accreditation of qualifications
  • To promote professional development and qualifications

President Message

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The advent of advanced technology in a largely global world economy has brought stiff international competition to a higher level. Nations try to outdo each other in spearheading advances in science, engineering and technology, harvesting the fruits from active research and development work through commercialization and encouraging industry and commerce to embrace advanced technology.

Despite laudable efforts by the Malaysian government in encouraging and facilitating R&D, university-industry interaction, provision of venture capitals and tax breaks, remains unable to get to the top rank of world economies. None of our many universities managed to get into the top 100 ranking. Malaysia has yet to be known for its innovations and inventions. Our national economy is still too dependent on regular production and manufacturing and income from commodities.

Less than 15% of our more than 100,000 engineers are registered professionally and much less are actively involved in advanced design or research. A large number of our engineers are either involved in regular production, manufacturing or construction, or in administration or have left the profession completely for greener pastures in banking and commerce. A significant number are in our universities with very little contact with the engineering world outside the university campus. Our new breed of practical oriented engineers or engineering technologists is currently unsure of its professional status. And many of our over 200,000 technicians have been traditionally neglected professionally.

MySET was established with the noble intention of reaching out to the large number of engineers, engineering technologists and technicians who are not professionally networked. MySET believes in a close cooperation between members of the engineering team. MySET believes even technicians can be professionals in their own right. And in this largely multidisciplinary world, MySET welcomes allied professionals such as architects, quantity surveyors and those in IT.

MySET aims to elevate its members to a level that they can perform well at the international arena, through its professional development programmes, professional networking, professional examinations and international professional benchmarking. Time has come for us to be able to compete with professionals from the more established economies, so that one day a client from the middle-east for example, can look forward to professional consultants and contractors from Malaysia to compete with those from more advanced countries and bid confidently for jobs in their countries. God willing, MySET shall nurture these 21st century professionals.

Emeritus Prof. Dato’ Ir Abang Abdullah Abang Ali

Immediate Past President
Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology
Nurturing the 21st Century Professionals

Council Members


Ir. Megat Johari Megat Mohd NoorPresident


Prof. Dato' Ts. Dr. Abdul Hakim JuriDeputy President


Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Tinia Idaty Mohd. GhaziSecretary General


Ts. Rahman WagiranTreasurer


Ir. Ahmad Tamby KadirVice President


Prof. Ts. Dr. Wan Mohamad Wan AbdullahVice President


Ts. Hj. Zaharuddin SaidonVice President


Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Abd Rahim Abu TalibVice President


Prof. Ts. Dr. Wan Mansor Wan MuhamadVice President


Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Suraya Abdul RashidOrdinary Council Members


Emeritus Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai KassimOrdinary Council Members


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Naim Ahmad YahayaOrdinary Council Members


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harlisya HarunOrdinary Council Members


Datuk Ts. Feroz Hanif Mohamed AhmadOrdinary Council Members


Dato' Dr. Ir. Ts. Hj. Abdul Rashid MaidinOrdinary Council Members

Immediate Past President


Emeritus Prof. Dato’ Ir. Ts. Abang Abdullah Abang Ali



Puteri Musfirah Megat JohariAdmin & HR Executive


Nurzulaikhazura ZulkifliAccount & Finance Executive


Muhammad Syakir Abd YaminIT & Marketing Executive