Malaysian Radar and Navigation (MyRAN)



Chairman: Prof. Dr. Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja Abdullah


The Malaysian Radar and Navigation (MyRAN) is an interest group of the Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (MySET), which consists of professionals, researchers and students in the field of radar and navigation system in Malaysia.

The mission of MyRaN is to provide a relevant professional society that attracts, engages and aids members in Malaysia in the areas of radar and navigations. In addition, it enhances communication between the members through collaborative research and developments, conference, workshops and publications and many other venues.


The objectives of the Malaysian Radar and Navigations Interest Group (MyRaN) are:

  • To form a professional platform where all engineers, engineering technologists and technologists can meet and discuss the Radar & Navigations/Avionics programs in the country.
  • To provide output to the government by preparing white papers and reports in continual basis on Radar & Navigations/Avionics issues.
  • To conduct conferences, seminars, workshops, training programs, and competitions for knowledge dissemination and to promote the development of the current technology and its application.




MyRAN first general meeting was held on the 27th of July 2018 in the Universiti Putra Malaysia. Few programmes and initiatives were discussed and decided, which includes reviewing of Malaysia radar SOP as well as a code of practise for the handling of radar and satellite system. Due to the unexpected threat and unique technological requirement, we believed that it is the ideal time that we as a nation to embark on the design and development of our own indigenous radar and navigation system. The current practise of foreign technology acquisition has bloated the national budget, which has worsen in the past few years due to higher currency exchange.

In addition, the MyRAN logo was also officially established and endorsed by the members. The logo represents the diverse experts coming from academia, industry, and practitioner dwell with Radar and Navigations in Malaysia come and synergize together under one roof. The idea and effort are then propagated to benefit the society.

We would like to encourage all related individuals to joining this group. We are interested in every perspective of the technologies, not only technical but also on policy, health, and environments as well. You can provide your details by filling up the form in the MyRAN facebook page. One of the current MyRAN members will be in contact.